Why Choose Us

Proper and cost effective rating

Other experts, we have excellent relationships with are contacts in other professions in the fields of Engineering, Law, Accountancy, Business, Quantity Surveying, Information Technology, Medicine, Laboratories, and Food & Nutrition etc who provide us with backup services


We strongly believe that having an established QSHE management system is one of the main factors contributing to our success and is crucial to us maintaining our reputation as an established service provider for the industry

Maintain and develop the company’s expertise

Our staff regularly undergo Continuous Professional Development courses to keep in touch with the latest trends and developments in technology and engineering. The Quality Policy and Management System are regularly reviewed to ensure that they are adequate and effective in satisfying the Company’s aims and objectives

Total quality management policy

MAAPLEAN Ltd aims to be the safest and most successful business in this field. In pursuit of this aim, the Company is committed to; As our slogan goes – ‘Integrity, Impartiality, and Efficiency’ our management system ensures that we maintain and consolidate the Company’s reputation, our Clients’ requirements are met or exceeded and we continue to develop the management system and to improve its effectiveness in meeting the aims of the Business

Quality, Safety, Health & Environmental

MAAPLEAN LTD is committed to delivering quality work with good safety, health & environment practices forming an integral part of the philosophy every day in our in-house and on site activities, we seek to maintain the highest quality levels while providing a safe and health work place that protects employees, customers, suppliers, communities and the environment. We strongly adhere to operating our business within the frame work of applicable legislation and requirements; always focusing on quality, safety, health and environment above all to achieving the objective of ZERO accidents. Together with our maintenance and project team, our dedicated team of QSHE personnel are always constantly, maintaining and continually improving our QSHE performance