We offer welding services from the very smallest components to large-area elements. With our blister welding machine, we also offer a solution especially for film packaging

Our Marine Department will provide you with expert advice and Operational services ranging from Design,Construction,Repair and Maintenance of all Marine vessels that will guarantee you confidence in your operations with out fear of What if! Contact us today and enjoy instantly  the services of our experienced professional Marine Engineers Previous Next

We do construction, operation and maintenance of mechanical equipment of boats and docks. Our experts design, build and maintain vassals/structures  used on or around water.  

Climate change poses a serious threat to Africa’s energy security due to the high dependence on traditional biomass. This is a key driver of deforestation, which further exacerbates climate change through CO2 emissions. Hydropower is another major source of energy in a number of African countries particularly for the generation of electricity. The effects of climate […]